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…make your message stick!
Whatever the surface may be, we can supply labels, stickers or custom decals that will make sure your promotion sticks! Any size, any shape and any quantity for your business or retail space. Windows, walls or floor – hard-wearing decals apply easily, and will remove cleanly without causing damage to the surface. Use them for seasonal promotions or to add extra branding to your space.

Die Cut Labels & Stickers

Labels & stickers don’t need to be square cut. With our high tech machinery we can cut any shape or size to suit a particular logo or design.

Sheet or Singles?

Depending on the application stickers and labels can be supplied as individual pieces or multi up on a sheet. By profile cutting the printed vinyl with a kiss cut the sticker peels away from the backing sheet leaving the waste vinyl attached to the sheet. If the labels needs to be applied one after the other quickly the waste can be pre-removed leaving only the labels attached to the sheet.

Which Vinyl to Use?

There are many different types of vinyl available and it is important to choose the right one for the application for instance a label that will be used to stick to plastic should go on a high tack vinyl and a boat sticker should go on a cast vinyl with a cast over laminate, labels and stickers can also be printed on white, clear or metallic vinyl’s. Let our experienced staff advise you of the correct choices to ensure you get the right product for the application.

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