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Lightbox Signs – Custom Lightbox Displays

Light box signage is great for promotions and sales as it creates a vibrant and colourful display in any setting or lighting. The added bonus is that once the light box is installed, the lightbox graphics are quick and cost effective to produce, and can be easily fitted by local staff.

Lightbox Awning Signs

A lightbox awning sign is a fantastic way to display you logo or business name for all to see. By day the colours and design will look like a normal awning sign but at night it will illuminate and really come to life. Tailored Graphicz can replace graphics on existing light boxes or install brand new units if necessary.

Shop Window Light Boxes

Light boxes hanging in a shop window are a great way to draw attention to your business after hours. Custom sizes can be manufactured to fit any size space and a full installation service can be provided. Shop window light boxes can also be double sided so a different image can be illuminated on the inside to the outside.

Wall Mounted Light Boxes

New technology means that it is quick and easy to install contemporary light boxes to indoor walls, all you need is a standard domestic plug socket nearby. Made from 16mm acrylic panels and illuminated using led lights built into the frame they not only look great but are cost effective and long lasting. They are also different LED colour options available from standard white and warm or cool white to full RGB colours that can be set to a single colour or shade to revolving through all the colours.


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