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Supplying Artwork – Format & Transfer Guidelines

Because your job is important to us, this brief guide will ensure that you get the best result when we print your job.
All files must be submitted in a PDF or EPS format with the following requirements:

  • All fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines.
  • Photos and artwork should be at least 300 dpi. We cannot be responsible for the quality of any photos or artwork with less than 150 dpi.
  •  All colour must be set up in either spot colour or CMYK.
  •  All blacks must be black only, not Rich Black or Registration.
  • All colour photos must be converted to CMYK and embedded in the file.
  • All black and white photos must be converted to grayscale and embedded in the file.
  • Documents should be set up to the correct final size. For larger jobs that require artwork to be enlarged, ensure the reduction percentage is in the name of the file. DPI should be set as high as possible as enlarging reduces resolution.
  • Any bleeds to be set at 5mm for single sided jobs and 10mm for double sided jobs on all sides, trim marks or any other marks must not encroach into this bleed area.
  • Transparencies should be flattened.
  • All knifelines and cut files should be set to overprint and be spot colours named “CutContour”, “Crease”, “Perf” all these names are case sensitive.
  • When white ink is being used it should be named “white_ink”, this name is case sensitive.
  • It is recommended to use the Adobe Distiller when creating your PDF file set to PRESS QUALITY.

If you have any problems and require assistance feel free to contact our pre-press department on (02) 9905 5888 or email designer@tgz.com.au

TGZ can accept emails with files up to 10Mb. For larger than 10Mb we accept file transfer sites such as www.wetransfer.com

✷ DISCLAIMER: Whilst all care is taken in checking your files for file related errors that may reduce the quality of your job, we cannot accept responsibility for errors in client supplied files. If a printing error is as a result of client supplied files, all costs for reprinting will be the responsibility of the client.

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