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Why corflute is a #1 product

Corflute signs are the perfect transportable, temporary signage. Lightweight and cost effective, but not without strength, this rigid plastic sheet is an ideal option for any event or exhibition where signage may be needed to engage potential customers. Corflute is weather resistant and can easily achieve that statement look your business is visualising.

Easy Installation
Corflute is a lightweight material therefore it can be installed and removed in a flash, no hassle or sweat needed.
Corflute can be manufactured into any shape or size making it adaptable for any space or situation.
Sheets of Corflute can also be easily joined to make large scale signs.
High Print Quality
High resolution digital printed Corflute signs provide high impact and aesthetically pleasing visuals.
Corflute is waterproof, therefore these highly engaging signs mean your sign will be effective in any weather condition.
They can take a beating and are nearly impossible to tear by hand.
Corflute is also fully recyclable which means the environment is looked after as well.

Example products include:

Building site signs 

Corflute’s weather proof qualities, robustness and affordability makes it an ideal material to use on any sign needed for building professionals. By installing eyelets the signs can be easily attached via cable ties to any fences or stakes that can be quickly and easily erected and taken down when on site. Onlookers will begin to recognise your company’s brand and the free advertising could return leads.

Event exhibition stands 

Corflute is an extremely light weight material and thus it becomes a perfect material to decorate your company’s exhibition stand. Through the simple attachment of velcro pads to your sign, they easily become transferrable and mobile signs you can attach to any fabric exhibition booth. If you are hosting an event Corflute signs are an excellent choice for displaying direction and information for those attending.

Other Corflute products include Header boards, Standees, Election signs/boards, Site signs, Temporary outdoor signs and Selfie frames.

Corflute Portfolio:

Corflute ‘Auction’ sign created for Coppernest Property Group.

Corflute standee created for upcoming competitions and promotions.

Corflute sign created for Tanya Novek, for United.

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Next month, we look at the awesome properties of foamboard for your exhibition and event needs!

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