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Fascinating Facts about Foamboard and it’s endless uses!

Studies have shown that it takes only 150 milliseconds for us to process and image, and then another 100 milliseconds for us to attach any meaning to it. That is literally the blink of an eye.

Do you want your brand’s image communicated in milliseconds? Invest in some physical, visual marketing for your next sign, presentation or installation. Foamboard signs, stands and posters are lightweight making them ideal for hanging from ceilings, posters, standees and even selfies boards and novelty cheques.

Nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. Foam board signs are strong, rigid and waterproof. Making them ideal for indoor or outdoor displays.

Adding colour to documents such as safety notices and warnings has been shown to increase recall of that technical information by up to 82%. Foamboards provide the ideal material for printing high-resolution images or photographs.

Foamboard consists of three layers, an inner layer of polystyrene that is covered with an outer facing on each side of either a white clay coated paper, common archival paper, or common brown Kraft paper. It can easily be cut and formed into different shapes and sheets can be easily connected to each other to create any sign, poster or image.

Here at Tailored Graphicz we are able to manufacture any foamboard signage your business needs.
We produce:

  • Hanging foam board signs, printing double sided with a different image on each side or cut circular so they rotate throughout the day.
  • Indoor rigid posters, fixing foamboards directly to a plain wall with a low tack adhesive pad gives highly contemporary look.
  • Standees, profile cut images with an easel back stand that allows the print to stand alone, whether they are mini sized for reception desks or metre wide for photo shoots.  Popular for point of sale displays, reception displays, party pieces, exhibitions and events.
  • Novelty cheques and Selfie boards, allowing for easily recognisable and identifiable photo opportunities at any event.

In a survey study, 67% of participants said they had purchased a product or service because  a sign caught their eye. If your business could use a boost like that give us a call (PH: 1300 77 46 88) to discuss what we can do for you, or alternatively get a quick quote on our website!

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Address : 20 Powells Rd,
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Opening Hours
8:00am – 5pm Monday – Friday