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Foamboards – Foamboard Printing & Signs

Foamboard has a wide range of indoor usage including point of sale signs, event branding, indoor advertising signage, corporate presentations and much more. It’s very light for ease of handling and installation, but has a high rigidity to weight ratio.

Hanging Foamboard Signs

Due to its lightweight nature Foamboard is a great material to use for hanging signs especially if the ceiling is suspended. Print double sided with a different image on each side or cut circular so they rotate throughout the day.

Indoor Rigid Posters

High resolution images or photographs look great printed or mounted onto Foamboard. A much higher quality look is achieved than simple printing to a paper poster stock eliminating the problem with edges curling over time. Fixing directly to a plain wall with low tack adhesive pads gives a highly contemporary look.


Standees are profile cut images with an easel back stand that allows the print to stand alone. Whether the standee needs to be mini sized to sit on a reception desk or to be a two meter wide landscape scene for a photo shoot foam board is an ideal product. The lightness of foamboard makes it easy to transport or move around to get the right position. Popular uses for standees are.

  • Point of sale displays
  • Reception displays
  • Party pieces
  • Exhibitions & Events

Novelty Cheques & Selfie Boards

Foamboard is excellent for party or promotional ideas. Presenting a winning customer with a novelty cheque makes a great PR photo opportunity; just don’t try to cash it at the bank. Very popular party pieces are the Facebook, Instagram & Twitter selfie boards. The instantly recognisable app images are printed onto the foamboard with the centre removed to form a frame which can then be passed around the party to get memorable photographs with your guests.


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