Retail Design, Display, Marketing & Branding

Retail Design, Display, Marketing & Branding

One of the major challenges for any Australian retail business is the sheer number of retail outlets. In New South Wales alone there are around 20,000 retail stores, and more are opening all the time, and every single one of them is trying to attract the attention of passers-by with branded signage. Added to that is the fact that the average attention span of the typical consumer is now little more than 8 seconds (down 30% in the last 15 years).
So how do retailers today not only get their message across in 8 seconds or less, but more importantly how do they influence potential purchasers to choose what they focus their attention on quickly and selectively?

Here’s where Tailored GraphicZ can help. We are experienced in working with our clients to design and produce high impact visual communication graphics that work in the retail display space to influence the viewer in two critical areas.

Retail Branding

Firstly, communicating long term brand identity, with its principles and perceived value. This strategy tends to be underlined by more permanent visual communication, with such tools such as signs, window graphics and hanging banners

Retail Marketing Media

Secondly, and critical to most retail marketing, is the promotion of short-term and immediate customer proposals such as seasonal and other sales, new product launches and special offers. The visual communication media most successful in these circumstances tends to be high impact, but also needs to be light in weight for moving around in areas such as store entrances, and also designed for the local staff to be able handle installation or erection of the items. Products appropriate for these situations include standees, light box posters, and promotional posters.


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